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So I purchased right now I have it forwarding here. I think in the future I am going to create a landing page or maybe an entire blog for it. More to come on this.

ol' Lou part 2

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I've been told that you've been bold
with Harry, Mark and John
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday
with Harry, Mark and John

ol' Lou

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Your pale blue eyes. Linger on. Your pale blue eyes (more)


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So I downloaded the Jane's Addiction album Nothings Shocking for Rockband. I was a little nervous to play it as I still love this album and didn't want to hate it for its difficulty or bad translation. Some of my favorite songs are not that fun on rockband (NIN) and some songs/bands that I really don't care for in real life like Rush I love in Rockband. Anyways Nothings Shocking is superb and it was a nice evening playing with Am. She plays bass and I play guitar but I think I am going to try it tomorrow with the drums to see how I do. but I have this feeling Steve Perkins is going to murder me.

Jude's favorite songs

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This is a list of Jude's favorite song in no particular order.

1. Indiana Jones Theme
2. Kids - MGMT
3. Hello hello - Beatles
4. Hey Jude - Beatles
5. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
6. We Will Rock You - Queen
7. State of Mass. - Drop Kick Murphys
8. Rocky Road to London - Drop Kick Murphys
9 Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
10. The Jean Genie - David Bowie
11. Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

Am and I have both heard each of these songs over a billion times now.

Long time since I have updated this

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Well I started using Twitter again. I think I am going to like it better this time you can follow me here goyya. Also this site has 2 very funny videos on it and it is highly recommended.

Jude loved these guys in Chicago

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When geeks get angry

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OMG this is me. Best PA evar!

the Dog's Butt

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