10|03|06 + 60 - 35 Target and Oatmeal

I had an awesome day today. It was my day off which are normally much harder than when I have to work because I have to watch Jude by myself all day. I have to adjust my sleep schedule to a day shift (because I work afternoons). The sleep think isn't so bad I hardly ever sleep anymore. I'm finding that I can go a week with only 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. After about a week of that I need a good 8 to 10 hours for one night. Anyways about my day... Jude was in great mood all day. He ate lots of food (mostly oatmeal) and only pooped once (unlike last week when he went 5 times). My Mom came over around noon. That was really nice because we can trade off the Jude duties. So I worked on this site a little. I was having troubles with the way it displays in Firefox. Then my mom and I went to target to buy some baby food for Jude. I bought a shit ton too. I mean a Y2K crazy amount. I think I was just tired or maybe just plain stupid ;). Then we went to visit my Grandmother in a sudo hospital. She just had back surgery (for the 5th time) so she had to stay in a rehab hospital. I guess she needs lots of PT. Jude was amazing just quiet and cute the whole time we were there. I fed him there and went home gave him a bath. Just as I was about to put him to bed just then Amanda came home from work. So she wanted to put him to bed because she hadn't seen him all day. OH YEAH! My Mom and I had to stop at my grandma’s house on the way to see her and pick some stuff up. So we took Jude in her basement and got video of him playing the piano. (I should convert that to AVI and post it...maybe someday). It's the funniest video ever made in the history of man. So after Amanda got Jude to bed. I decided to make a new blog called "layer3" it's going to be a site that is dedicated to everybody's top 5 favorite things. Not all time favorites but the favorites for that day/week. I know I have my solid favorites but I also have a list that changes daily in my head. For example if time stopped right now no matter where you are. What would be the 5 movies you would watch? Or your favorite foods and so on. So the site is going to be www.layer3.goyya.net there is a link on this page as well. I have to create the sub domain still I'm waiting on my hosting company to finish their maintenance. But you can link to it and it active. This is going to be a community based site. Please register your self and I'll give you rights to the blog. I want people to feel at home there. So feel free to register. I'll even let you moderate/post entries. Well I have to get up early tomorrow to continue Jude fest. Color me gone.





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