10|07|06 + 57 - 31 Shabbos

I'm at work today. We have the Tigers up on the TV and I have Ducktales on by my desk. I'm watching networks for attacks today and doing other stuff as well. This is the first day this week I feel good. I have been so sick this week. I don't like that. I don't know what was wrong. I bought some cheesesticks at Whitecastle on the way to work today (yeah I think I'm pushing my luck) they kind of grossed me out though. The fall is closing in and that means I have to control my video game habit. I have to keep telling myself that these games have to last me the rest of the year. Since game companies now only release good games in the fall. There will be about 6 other titles spread out through the year but most of the good stuff comes out now. I know a lot of people that have preorders in for the Wii. I'm holding off on this. I don't want to buy it then only have a handfull of good titles out for it. Then I'll end up buying stupid games as they release. Games I would never buy if there were other choices. Plus I'm into the handheld games right now and I want to buy a new laptop when I get my IBM discount. I love my PSP and DS I can lay in bed and play my games all night. Or until Amanda wakes up and glares at me :) but that's unlikly since she could sleep though anything. Jude is starting to not get up as much at night these days. Which is nice. Some nights when I haven't seen him in a couple of days I welcome his wakings in the middle of the night. Then I get to watch The Simpons with him and he falls asleep in my arms. Amanda and I are probably going away for our 5 year annnversary. We are thinking about Manistee and somewhere over on that side of the state. We are just going for one night but it will be nice just the two of us. I'm having real issues with my layer3 website. I can't seem to make up my mind on the layout. I need to make some changes. I think I'm going to let Amanda do some surgery to it. If anyone else who reads this (which I think is basically Rodney) has any ideas about layer3 let me know.




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