10|09|06 + 46 - 34 Same 'ol

I'm getting really tired of posting from my pocket PC. You have no idea how frustrating it is to type everything with a stylus only to miss the space bar and hit the homepage button losing the post and starting over again. I'm having issues with my main PC lately. I hope to buy a laptop soon. I just have to wait to see what my IBM discount will be. My brother came over today with his son Zeke. It was very pleasant. His middle name still cracks me up 'Danger'. My grandmother nearly died when she heard the name. Watched X-Men: The Last Stand - It was very good!. I need to reread some of my old comics I can't remember a lot of this stuff happening in the books (but then again it has been years since I have read my old comics, probably 10 years). Well I'm off to watch the last few episodes of DS9 and play some baseball on my PSP.





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