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I received a call from my brother last night. He told me that his/my dad's dog was hit and killed by a car. This is just awful. His dog "Harry" was my dog's best friend in the whole world. He was such a good dog he was somewhere between a shar-pei and a Norwegian elkhound (he was funny looking). He was kind of scary to look at also with his pitch black coat but was the friendliest dog I ever knew. He was also the must sensitive dog I had ever known. I remember when I watched him for my parents for the first time in 2001 I yelled at him from far off to get back in the house. He was so upset he would come near me for 24 hours at least. He was scared of my cat too which was very funny because when he came over Phil (my cat) would come into the room and Harry would not make eye contact start whining and walk to another room or want to go out in the back yard. I'm going to miss you Harry. He love Jude and was a great friend to my Dad. During my parents divorce, there were times all my Dad had been Harry. He seemed to keep my Dad from going off the deep end certain days. I never realized it so much that when Harry died it was like losing a member of the family. He wasn't old enough to start thinking "Well he's get older and we will probably lose him one day". Unlike my cat (Fred) that lives with my dad that is 21 years old (human years) that just forgot to die. This is going to be a hard time for all of us. I haven't talked to my Dad in over 2 months (because of an argument). I left him a voice mail today hopefully he calls me back or at least knows how awful I feel about losing Harry.

Amanda reminded me of a Harry story. Our dog "Parker" (Named after Parker Posey from Best in Show). Harry came and stayed with us. Now Harry is fixed and Parker was not fixed at the time. The vet was waiting until she finished her heat or something like that. Harry had been over for about 3 hours when we heard crying from the other room. Harry had mounted Parker and got it going. Parker got scared and tried to flip on her back but it was too late they were stuck together. Harry was in so much pain because he wasn't really able to enjoy it being fixed and Parker was young and ocnfused. I have brad boxers as a kid and remembered a little bit. So I turned them rear to rear. Amanda held Parker and I held Harry. Harry was crying away and it was upsetting parker. We had to hold them for 15 or 20 mins before they got loose from each other. It was awful poor poor Harry he was in pain. Poor us we had to witness that (I'm leaving the graphic parts out you can thank me later). Parker and Harry stayed away from each other for the next 24 hours on there own. They were horrified as were we. Looking back on it now it's a pretty funny story. Soon after Parker was fixed and it never happened again. We also never gave them the chance to let it happen again either. I don't think Harry visited again for about 6 months. Now that is a story I will never ever forget.

Are you ok. How is everyone else handling it? I’m sorry to hear about this, it sucks.
Sarah - 10|17|06 - 10:13

So far my Dad is taking it the worst. It hits me at times and I get very upset but then it goes back to Harry is out at my Dad’s and ok. I didn’t see him that much so I’m sure it’s going to take me along time to realize it. Amanda is feeling the same way about it. He was a great dog and it really really missed. Thanks you for aksing Sarah
~j (Email) (URL) - 10|17|06 - 17:20




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