11|10|06 + 63 - 44 Off

So I'm excited I got Thanksgiving and the day after off this year (Thank you Chadd). So I was thinking about it if I took off one more day in there I could have some real time off. I talked to my boss and got the Saturday after Thanksgiving off as well. That means that I have Sunday the 19th off to the 28th off. I'll probably have to work Wednesday the 22nd but that's not a big deal Amanda is going to be at work that day anyways. So in 10 days I have to only work 1 day in the middle and the best part is I only had to use 1 vacation day and that was a comp day for Labor day I haven't been able to use. I still have some other days off I have to burn this year but I'm going to try to use them around Christmas. Wow I'm excited that means including today I have 6 days to work before a long break...YAY! Things are pretty good right now things are just moving along. We have to start thinking about Christmas money for presents and even harder to do is come up with the time to shop for people. Work is really strange as we move toward "normalization" with IBM. I hope things get better. It's just been so busy and I feel that I can't pay as close attention to detail as I normally like to. Plus moral is a little low right now among my co-workers. Which I can understand but at the same time people have to be able to roll with change. That's life. Well I sure hope everybody is doing good and taking care of the ones they love. Later!




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