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09|23|06 - 17:03. Category: Open

Well I went to City for the 3rd time this year (Maybe 4th). This is a very low amount considering last year. I had a very good time. I saw some people that I haven’t seen in a very long time. Erin (Awesome cool Elvis Presley, Coca Cola, cool!)John Noble, Iyam, Artuz and such....I mean I saw Kat and Erich also but I see them every week (but it's still very nice).

So we met at Luna stayed till close+ then met down at CC. Chris Rohn played very good stuff as usual. Chadd and I got to CC by about 2:40 am. Then waited for Kat and Erin to show up....And waited and waited. Just as I was about to give up they walked in. I noticed Kat had changed then figured it out they went to her house to....CHANGE!..Oh well it was really fun. Mark played some good stuff at CC. Too much dancing (legs hurt).

So I go home around 430am fell asleep about 530am then got up at 9am. Funny thing is I'm not that tired. I will be tonight. I'm working right now and it's 130 pm. I don't get out till 1130pm. Yeah I'll be drinking lots of coffee. But I have to get up early on Saturdays. It's cartoon day with Jude ;). Now I'm just sitting here at work watching some A-Team (thinking about changing it to a little Buck Rogers) trying not to pass out.

On that note more coffee.