Google Reader

09|29|07 - 01:13. Category: Home

So I decided to start using Google Reader. I plan on sharing stuff on it as well. So if anyone what's to see my RSS feeds that I share you can follow the link below and put it in your favorite RSS reader.

My RSS Feed

I updated the link there seemed to be a problem

Things on my

09|27|07 - 11:40. Category: Home

So this is what I get at work when I leave my keyboard for 3 mins.

well I did it.....

09|21|07 - 17:51. Category: Work

Cat pic

09|20|07 - 20:11. Category: Work

This looks like my cat Ed.

See what the words in movies looks like....

09|20|07 - 19:23. Category: Work

This is a very cool site.


09|15|07 - 16:26. Category: Work

I have updated my blog software to test these new spam settings so I'm trying to turn commenting back on for a while. So if someone could try to comment to let me know if this is working.

Broke Phone

09|10|07 - 15:14. Category: Home

Well I accidentally wrecked my cell by jumping in a pool with it on.....I rock!

Testing a new feature of my blog