Poor poor Am

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So Amanda was up all night throwing up. She is so sick it's scary not sure yet if it's the flu or something she ate. I ate the same dinner as her and I'm not sick but maybe it was the meal before that got her. I took the day off work to take care of Jude for her. I feel really bad for her and I feel guilty for taking a Thursday off from work (they a notoriously busy). I can't remember the last time Amanda was sick it's been awhile.

On another note I decided to make amends with my neighbor across the street. It's been going on for 3 years he just hated me from day one. He threw the first stone by calling the police for my car being parked in the street overnight. He told them it was abandoned. I got a nice orange sticker for that. We have gone back and forth with petty shit since then. Anyways a large branch fell in his yard. I was out smoking and saw him trying to move it (He is very old and his health is starting to fail over the last year). So I sucked up my pride and walked across the street and moved it for him. He was very nice about it but I know he was probably thinking "there can only be one" and was about to try to get my quickening :) Oh well I'm moving very soon and I figure my last insult can be kindness ;)

Eat your turkey!

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Well you read the subject, right?


*say it don't spray it*

Wall to wall

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Wow! Luna was packed tonight. There really were way too many people for my taste there tonight. But I'm always happy to see Luna get business. Kat and Jeremy delivered a great set. The were a bunch of people there that would never be there on a regular Wednesday. I saw at least 25 people I know there, most are really good friends. Amanda was there so that was freakin awesome *said in a NJ accent*. Well I'm off to sleep I have to wake up in 4 hours.


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What a stupid week (Stupid cause I never sleep) but a fun week. On top of all the other stuff I do like work. I went to Luna on Wednesday night and Thursday night. Then I went to City Club on Friday night. Yeah it was a busy club week. I had a lot of fun but now I'm tired. City Club was cool I got to hang out with my friend Dave who I hadn't seen in a while. Erin was suppose to go but she had something come up and couldn't (I'm kinda glad cause she needed some sleep). Kat didn't show up she had something pretty big come up. I did see Jenn (bartender from Luna) and Artuz was there which was a nice surprise. Couple of some small interesting things happened there like always. Strange things seem to always come up there. Now it's Sunday INSPECTION DAY for the new house. I'm looking forward to it I just hope there are no surprises. I hope everyone is doing good staying healthy and all the other crap ;)

Much Work!

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So it has been a kind of exciting week but not really. I mean I could bore you with the house buying process. Or talk about how I posted more pictures of Jude. I mean the house thing is good looks like we are going to be buying the house close to downtown Royal Oak. It's cool I did a Mapquest from the house to Barnes and Noble and it's a .46 mi walk or drive or sidestep even jet ride. Our bid on the house was accepted and now really the only variable is the inspection. I'm excited about living in this new house but not to keen on the whole moving thing. Plus it looks like it's all going to happen over the holidays. (more)


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So I'm excited I got Thanksgiving and the day after off this year (Thank you Chadd). So I was thinking about it if I took off one more day in there I could have some real time off. I talked to my boss and got the Saturday after Thanksgiving off as well. That means that I have Sunday the 19th off to the 28th off. I'll probably have to work Wednesday the 22nd but that's not a big deal Amanda is going to be at work that day anyways. So in 10 days I have to only work 1 day in the middle and the best part is I only had to use 1 vacation day and that was a comp day for Labor day I haven't been able to use. I still have some other days off I have to burn this year but I'm going to try to use them around Christmas. Wow I'm excited that means including today I have 6 days to work before a long break...YAY! (more)

Disconnected and Objectified

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Wow. I haven't posted here in sometime. I don't mean to bore my casual readers but I really haven't had that much to write about (Or at least stuff that I want everyone to know, believe me you wouldn't want to hear either). Amanda and I have been looking for a different house latley. So we have been talking to the mortage guy and looking around. We started out with the idea of moving to Clarkston but now we have been looking closer to downtown Royal Oak. I think it would be hard for me to leave Royal Oak I have lived here now for 10+ years and still enjoy it. (more)

Dead of the night ...Dead night of the living dead

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I put up some pictures from Luna on Wednesday. There are some pretty funny pictures.