05|19|07 - 02:04. Category: Home

I have been getting a ton of spam recently. I'm turning on a spam blocking tool that will ask you a simple question. What is the domain of the site? answer is Easy enough. The sad thing is I tried it and was blocked. So I'm going to see how it goes. I get tons of spam and I never get any comments here anyways. If you have any luck or comments and can't comment on the site please email me at


I'm a Wii Tard

05|16|07 - 18:27. Category: Work

So I went and bought a Nintendo Wii last night. Not sure why. I think I was just caught up in the moment because I actually found one. But holy crap it's fun my arm already hurts! I want to have some sort of Wii party now. That is so ghey!