Hack a human heart

03|28|08 - 13:58. Category: Work

Hack a human heart

Being a parent

03|25|08 - 15:09. Category: Home

I read an awesome blog today and it was rather profound. This quote really touched me. "A parent must do everything in his power to protect a creature that must do everything in its own power to grow independent of him."


03|20|08 - 19:24. Category: Work

This GAME always creeped me out. So I thought I would share it.

I wish I knew about this game years ago!!!

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I love you Highlander

Cool cool thing

03|08|08 - 19:46. Category: Work

I like these physics games

goyya town

03|02|08 - 02:53. Category: Home

Visit my city http://goyya.myminicity.com/ every time someone visits the city it starts to grow.