Hellboy 2

12|23|07 - 02:56. Category: Home

IGN.com has posted the trailer for Hellboy 2. I think I really want to see this.

Assassin's Creed

12|17|07 - 01:39. Category: Home

Boy this game makes it fun to kill people.


12|11|07 - 23:51. Category: Home

A quick Question. Did anyone out there ever play Operation the right way. You know taking turns and drawing cards? I don't think I ever did. I just tried to get the stuff out without setting off his nose light.

Gamer tag

12|02|07 - 09:39. Category: Home

I created a custom gamer tag for Xbox Live. Wow I woke up at 730am for no good reason and I'm bored.

SandGame 2.0

12|01|07 - 16:43. Category: Work

I use to play an older version of this game. Well its not so much a game as maybe an interactive screensaver anyways THEY ADDED ZOMBIES.