Me @ Work

04|20|07 - 18:00. Category: Work

Here is a picture of me at work. Man these PCs are fast!

Jude's Party

04|05|07 - 10:44. Category: default

I have posted some pictures from Jude's 1st birthday on Sunday CLICK HERE.

Broke head

04|04|07 - 18:06. Category: Work

So I smashed my head in bringing in groceries from the car. Lots of blood, nearly passed out 2 times and yeah I didn't go to the doctor. But I'm sitting here at work today and realized I am having a very hard time forming thoughts. I'm confused more than normal and I'm dizzy. I think I'm going to leave early.

360 Degrees

04|03|07 - 23:30. Category: Home

So I got a Xbox 360 OMG! Guitar Hero 2 is a great game to watch but I get very angry when I play it though(Am is very good at it so that's cool). I bought Rainbow Six: Vegas for me. It is simply amazing. I just wish Jim had a 360 so we could play together on Xbox Live like we use to. We played every Wednesday night I think, for quite some time. It was so much fun being able to talk and play a mission co-op. Jim is a vicious sniper. Oh well I see were my 3 hours of free time I get a week is going to go. I need to clone myself.