Jude Luc Picard

10|31|06 - 16:40. Category: Home

I posted some pictures of Jude in his halloween outfit in My Gallery. I'm sure you can guess what it is by the title of this entry.



10|28|06 - 13:59. Category: Work

I have to work all freaking weekend. This is not fun. I traded with a guy to get last Saturday off. Now I have to make it up tomorrow. It was nice having a 4 day weekend but now I'm not looking forward to repaying the favor. I had to be up at 730am today and I have to get up at the same time on Sunday and Monday, well Tuesday too. But I have to work till 1130pm tonight and tomorrow. So yeah it's not going to be much sleep then you throw in the Jude factor like last night and I'm not going to be till 330am. So it looks like I'm not going to be able to sleep for awhile. Oh well it could be worse. Amanda and people at work will just have to put up will a goofy sleep deprived Josh. Yeah well tough shit ;)


10|27|06 - 02:06. Category: Pocket PC Post

Went to Luna again. I wouldn't go cause if you've been to one 80's there you have been to them all. But Brad drags me down there as he puts it he needs to see the future soccer moms. Anyways we always end up having a fun time lots of laughs and it's always fun when one of the drunk foobas decide to strike up a conversation with us. Plus there was a cool MJ Thriller dance.

nice night

10|26|06 - 01:33. Category: Pocket PC Post

Another awesome night at Luna. I wasn't planning on going because of a huge IBM thing at work tonight. Today was the first day of me working at IBM. Friday was the first day technically But today was the kick off. It's going to be hard to accept that I work for IBM again. Things look like they are gng to be nice but we'll see. I think the next 6 months are going to be very interesting.

Marveled again

10|25|06 - 01:04. Category: Pocket PC Post

I haven't read comics regularly in years (maybe 10). I would read them here and there, just didn't follow anything. I'm very addicted now and I love it! I just got caught up on the civil war stuff Holy Shit! The New Warriors are no more or at least Speedball is dead! I know someone that might be interested in that. She prolly already knows ;) Anyways its nice to get back to basics sometimes.

* PS I'm DCed too...f'ing Batman and his addictive ingredients "Oh you'll eat my chicken!"


10|24|06 - 10:19. Category: Home

I am finally posting a picture of the one and only Ezekiel "Zeke" Danger Pallay. He is my new nephew. I think I'm going to oranize my pictures today when I get a chance. So it's not like dumping out a shoebox and digging for pictures :)

The cat who walks through walls

10|23|06 - 11:33. Category: Home

It's Monday which means in my predictable life that I'm home watching Jude. He is not feeling too good still. His nose is running like crazy and it's making him very mad. He's not super sick just runny nose but I think he doesn't know what to do about it. Amanda and I had a very nice weekend together we decided not to go to Chicago because of the boy being sick plus it would have just tired us out. We went and saw the movie The Prestige. We both thought it was great. I mean what's cooler than David Bowie as Tesla? (more)

Nice Birthday

10|19|06 - 11:25. Category: Home

I had a very nice birthday. I went to Luna last night. My Mom had Jude for the night so Amanda was able to go too. Kat had decorated Luna with some "Happy Birthday" banners and bougth me a card which all the staff at Luna had signed. Then at midnight they brought out a cupcakes. Which were amazing. Brad, Chadd and Erik all came from my work not to mention all the other awesome regulars. I posted some pictures in My Gallery so check em out. I think they are on the second page of the gallery because I filled up the first page. Anyways for anyone that was at Luna last night


New Pics

10|18|06 - 11:29. Category: Home

I posted some new pictures. Pictures of all 3 of my cats (Phil, Ed and Jeanie). I also posted pictures of my dog Parker and some of her in front on our house. Of course they are all in My Picture Gallery. So now for the arest of my birthday I hope it's good.

Variations on a theme

10|17|06 - 23:52. Category: Pocket PC Post

Jude is not feeling well. So that means no sleep for anyone else in the house. I posted a couple of pictures of Jude from Monday in my new redesigned picture gallery. It's at pictures.goyya.net (I created a new subdomain). You can also get to it in my "Links" section. Let me know if you like it's layout because I'm thinking about changing it.

So the Cards just won against the Mets so the series is 3-2 Cards.


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I received a call from my brother last night. He told me that his/my dad's dog was hit and killed by a car. This is just awful. His dog "Harry" was my dog's best friend in the whole world. He was such a good dog he was somewhere between a shar-pei and a Norwegian elkhound (he was funny looking). He was kind of scary to look at also with his pitch black coat but was the friendliest dog I ever knew. He was also the must sensitive dog I had ever known. I remember when I watched him for my parents for the first time in 2001 I yelled at him from far off to get back in the house. He was so upset he would come near me for 24 hours at least. He was scared of my cat too which was very funny because when he came over Phil (my cat) would come into the room and Harry would not make eye contact start whining and walk to another room or want to go out in the back yard. I'm going to miss you Harry. He love Jude and was a great friend to my Dad. (more)

There can be only one

10|14|06 - 15:44. Category: Work

It's saturday again. I'm watching the Tigers game at work and watching networks for attacks. I had a pretty good week at work lots of cool troubleshooting stuff I hadn't done before. I'm looking forward to next weekend I'm off on Saturday (thanks for trading day with me Brad). Amanda and I are going to go to Chicago for our 5 year anniversary. I think we are going to do some shopping probably buy a bunch of shit for Jude spend too much money and come home. Anyway I'm looking forward to it. Probably stay in a nice hotel on Michigan Ave. go to the Shedd's and eat some good food. Oh well I'm sure it will be fun. Wednesday should be fun too. I'm planning on going to Luna (big surprise). It's my birthday though and I'm expecting some other people to show up. Hopfully Daisy, Dave, people from work and Amanda. It should be a good time (Of course Kat and Jeremy will be DJing).

Ok, I just bought The Mary Tyler Moore Show - First Season and Bob Newhart Show - First Season......I love those shows though. Once I was in Minneapolis and threw a hat in the air and spun around....and then I knew I was going to make it.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I titled this entry "There can be only one" because I started my journey through the Highlander series last night. I watched the first 2 episodes and remembered some....I FUCKING HATE RICHIE. Now I just have to sait a couple seasons until he dies. I forgot the first season is a little weak also but alot of series start that way.

Sorta?...Yeah Sorta!!

10|14|06 - 02:42. Category: Pocket PC Post

So a couple of people at work have preordered the Nintendo Wii. I'm not sure if I'm going to be in on the preorder. I started looking at the list of games that will be available at launch. I forgot Zelda is going to be available...Now I want one dammit.


10|12|06 - 11:30. Category: Open

So I started using *Flickr I have other place where I could store my photos but this seems to be the easiest for right now. So I'm going to put a link in my links section. Here is a link to my *Photos as well. Oh yeah right now I only have the pictures from last night at Luna and one from a long time ago with my cat.

*I started using my own picture gallery so I updated this link

12 and Main

10|12|06 - 02:59. Category: Open

I had a great time at Luna tonight. It was a very light crowd but it was still very fun. As always Kat and Jeremy played excellent music. I have some pictures I'll post soon. Maybe I'll add them to this post when I wake up before I go to work in the morning. The Tigers played a great game Jones scared the hell out of me in the bottom of the ninth though when he loaded the bases. I hate it when he does that! Phil my cat is getting a tooth removed in the morning I'm nervous about it. I'm sure he'll do fine though.


10|11|06 - 16:27. Category: Open

I'm so happy I have had 2 comments on this page now. That means people are reading it. I check the stats on the page and I do see that people are opening it up from ISPs that are not mine. Which is cool. Keep the comments coming cause it makes me smile even when they are from Erin and she hates baseball ;)


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It's the day when I start my work week. I work Wed - Sat every week 10 hour shifts (afternoons). Wednesdays kind of suck cause they are a slow start to the week. We have a weekly staff meeting which kills a little time and I normally look forward to my trip to Luna (Mmmmmm industrial music). (more)


10|10|06 - 12:11. Category: Open

So I have decided to watch the entire series of Highlander. I'm excited to start them. I have four episodes of DS9 left. (more)

Same 'ol

10|09|06 - 23:36. Category: Pocket PC Post

I'm getting really tired of posting from my pocket PC. You have no idea how frustrating it is to type everything with a stylus only to miss the space bar and hit the homepage button losing the post and starting over again. (more)

Applepie and all that

10|09|06 - 01:09. Category: Open

The Tigers will play the As and the Mets will play the Cardinals. I can't believe how much I'm into baseball this year. College football is normally my fall sport of choice. Well soon baseball will be over and I can get back into college football till that's over and leads me to basketball and hockey.

Tigers Win

10|07|06 - 20:55. Category: Open

W00t the Tigers win beating the Yankees. Now they will have to play Oakland. To celebrate I'm going to watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. If we would have lost I would have watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Dammit a customer is calling in for me....WTF!


10|07|06 - 16:53. Category: Open

I'm at work today. We have the Tigers up on the TV and I have Ducktales on by my desk. I'm watching networks for attacks today and doing other stuff as well. This is the first day this week I feel good. I have been so sick this week. I don't like that. I don't know what was wrong. I bought some cheesesticks at Whitecastle on the way to work today (yeah I think I'm pushing my luck) they kind of grossed me out though. (more)

Tigers and Friday night

10|06|06 - 15:41. Category: Open

Well it's the end of the work week. Well I work tomorrow but Saturdays are slow and seem to fly by. I have to think what I want to watch at my desk tomorrow. I'm debating on Quantum Leap or Northern Exposure right now. Which leads leads me to my next decision. I am just about to finish watching the entire series of Deep Space Nine (for the second time) it only took 3 or 4 months to do this time. Now I have to figure out if I want to rewatch (Enterprise, Voyager, The Next Generation or The Original Series) I have seen them all in order before. So anything now I'm just rewatching. What I do is watch one or two episodes (sometimes 4) before I go to bed every night. I have been doing this since 2001. Well Amanda threw out a crazy idea... (more)


10|05|06 - 15:59. Category: Open

Jude got his 6 month shots on Tuesday. It was awful probably worse on me then him. I had this urge to push the nurse away and grab Jude. I know it's what he needs but there is this instinct as a parent to stop your kid from being hurt. He got 4 shots all at once. Well one after another. It was intense.


10|04|06 - 22:56. Category: Pocket PC Post

posting from my pocket pc again
Very sick today. The Tigers game was cacelled because of weather. Now I'm just bored and sick. I watched The Addams Family today (1991) hard to believe that movie is 15 years old now.

From my pocket pc

10|03|06 - 23:35. Category: Pocket PC Post

So I'm watching the tigers loose. I have to make a post about Jude's doctors appt. Telling that story from my pocket pc would take forever. So I'll post it when I wake. Probably in a couple of hours. I <3 Insomnia. I get so much stuff done!

Target and Oatmeal

10|03|06 - 02:14. Category: Open

I had an awesome day today. It was my day off which are normally much harder than when I have to work because I have to watch Jude by myself all day. I have to adjust my sleep schedule to a day shift (because I work afternoons). The sleep think isn't so bad I hardly ever sleep anymore. I'm finding that I can go a week with only 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. After about a week of that I need a good 8 to 10 hours for one night. Anyways about my day... (more)

The Boy

10|01|06 - 18:13. Category: Open

Well this is my first entry about Jude. I'm sure there will be a thousand more to come. Jude ate some plumb today. He seemed to like it. This is really his first fresh fruit to try. We put it in this pacifier looking thing that has mesh where the nipple would be. It closes up then the baby can suck the juices through the mesh without getting any solids that could choke him. Well anyway he liked it and ate a ton of other food today also. Well I have to run my father inlaw needs something :)

Text from attempt uno

10|01|06 - 11:58. Category: Open

(Actual first post from the test site)

So this is my very own domain, now what to do with it? I was thinking of setting up a real blog on it but the blog that the hosting company offers is broke. So I'm probably going to build one in Perl and put it up here. Problem is that requires time. So we'll have to see what happens first I get time or the hosting company fixes their shit.

Now I need to come up with ideas for this page. I would like it to somehow help me toward my goal of world domination. Maybe I'll just publish my manifesto up here so one day people will say "Yeah you should have read what he put on the web, someone should have done something". Actually none of that is true. I actually don't have those ideas. I just work all the time and like it. I know if I didn't keep myself so busy I would probably find trouble. So that's why I push myself until I fall asleep then wake up an hour early to keep myself tired.

I'll be expanding this page soon. Maybe I'll include some news info about security threats on the Internet, or maybe some local music news or something else. This reminds me, I wish I had Thursday night off (10/5/06) Covenant, Rotorsand and Imperative Reaction are going to be playing near me :( I have seen 2 of the 3 bands before and had a great time.

Keep fighting the good fight

First Post

10|01|06 - 11:44. Category: Open

This is my first post to this page. First ral post. I have posted to it several time over the lst 12 hours trying to get things right. I think I'm getting to the point where I can focus on other things like content. (more)