10|06|06 + 55 - 30 Tigers and Friday night

Well it's the end of the work week. Well I work tomorrow but Saturdays are slow and seem to fly by. I have to think what I want to watch at my desk tomorrow. I'm debating on Quantum Leap or Northern Exposure right now. Which leads leads me to my next decision. I am just about to finish watching the entire series of Deep Space Nine (for the second time) it only took 3 or 4 months to do this time. Now I have to figure out if I want to rewatch (Enterprise, Voyager, The Next Generation or The Original Series) I have seen them all in order before. So anything now I'm just rewatching. What I do is watch one or two episodes (sometimes 4) before I go to bed every night. I have been doing this since 2001. Well Amanda threw out a crazy idea... To watch her Highlanders she owns the entire series and I have seen a good amount of them before but to watch them in order I don't know and to watch something besides Star Trek it just seems wrong. So I have about 8 to 10 episodes left of DS9 in that time I have some serious thinking to do about this new venture. I don't know if I can dedicate myself to a whole series of non Star Trek. I may not make it....

Yeah, I agree Josh, Star Trek is the perfect thing to watch before Bed, I might just be saying that because so much of my youth was spent watching late night reruns of Trek. Btw what do you think of the new remastered Hi Def friendly version of TOS? Anyhow, I was dropping by to say Hi and check out the progress on Goyya. Net, keep up the good work, its coming along very nicely my friend. Take Care and tell Am that I like her Zombie.
raystorm9000 - 10|08|06 - 01:13

What is this? TOS in Hi-Def friendly form format…I need to check this out. I had not heard of this.
~j - 10|08|06 - 01:15




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