10|11|06 + 45 - 32 Worky

It's the day when I start my work week. I work Wed - Sat every week 10 hour shifts (afternoons). Wednesdays kind of suck cause they are a slow start to the week. We have a weekly staff meeting which kills a little time and I normally look forward to my trip to Luna (Mmmmmm industrial music). But the truth is I'm not looking forward to work this week. We have been so short staffed that some weeks are just insane. It all depends on the work load. The fall seems to be bad because everybody is buying to equipment for their networks and we have to change firewall policies to allow access for these new things. Thursdays are always evil bad at work. We have several customers that have their weekly maintenance windows on Thursdays (Xcopy made a song because the day sucks so bad and I inherited his duties after he went to nights, since I'm not talented like him to make a song I just bitch about it) so that is the baseline of work which is enough to keep us very busy then there is the other work that strolls in without wiping it's feet and opens your fridge to see what you have to eat. Anyways I'm just about to leave for work :(




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