10|01|06 + 57 - 33 Text from attempt uno

(Actual first post from the test site)

So this is my very own domain, now what to do with it? I was thinking of setting up a real blog on it but the blog that the hosting company offers is broke. So I'm probably going to build one in Perl and put it up here. Problem is that requires time. So we'll have to see what happens first I get time or the hosting company fixes their shit.

Now I need to come up with ideas for this page. I would like it to somehow help me toward my goal of world domination. Maybe I'll just publish my manifesto up here so one day people will say "Yeah you should have read what he put on the web, someone should have done something". Actually none of that is true. I actually don't have those ideas. I just work all the time and like it. I know if I didn't keep myself so busy I would probably find trouble. So that's why I push myself until I fall asleep then wake up an hour early to keep myself tired.

I'll be expanding this page soon. Maybe I'll include some news info about security threats on the Internet, or maybe some local music news or something else. This reminds me, I wish I had Thursday night off (10/5/06) Covenant, Rotorsand and Imperative Reaction are going to be playing near me :( I have seen 2 of the 3 bands before and had a great time.

Keep fighting the good fight




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